Born For War – Ready For Peace

1945 Jeep Advertisement

The Sun Never Sets on the Mighty “Jeep”

To millions of people all over the world “JEEP” means WILLYS

Famous for its outstanding performance in war, the “Jeep” has been fitted for peace, to work and serve on farms and in industry, around the world.

The “Jeep” for peace, amazing in its versatility, is fitted to do a hundred-and-one jobs for the postwar Farmer and as many more for Industry … around the clock, around the year, around the world.

It pulls, pushes or drags every type of farm implement. Doubles as a highway vehicle for a speedy trip to town, and then rounds out a full day as a mobile power plant — takes ‘Jeep” power to the job. An ever-ready servant twenty-four hours a day, the “Jeep” for peace raises the curtain on a new conception of automotive service … ushers in a new era of mechanization for farm and industry. Get a “Jeep”!

Willys-Overland Motors, Inc., Toledo 1, Ohio

Willys Builds the Mighty 'Jeep'

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