Nash Presents the World’s Most Modern Cars

1951 Nash Ambassador

1951 Nash Airflyte Ambassador with the Grumman F9F Panther Navy fighter jet.

In all the world there are no cars like these! Here are the first cars forever free of body-bolt rattles and squeaks… cars that are quieter, that stand up better, stay new years longer than others. Cars that set new standards of economy and performance. Cars with the clean, fresh beauty of jet planes – cars scientifically proved to have less air-drag, less wind roar.

These are only a few of the priceless benefits of Airflyte Construction… the Nash way of building automobiles that has sept Nash post-war sales ahead five times as fast as the average of the industry.

Yes, these are the Airflytes that challenge your comparison with any car at any price. OCM005-2Before you decide, take an Airflyte ride – in the world’s most modern car.

See the full 1951 Nash brochure here…


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